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Psylocke, some sketch covers and more

I have some stuff to post!

First off, new exclusive: Psylocke. Check it out!

Psylocke Maxim X Cover lr

This was my fav sketch I did at San Diego Comicon. Big thanks to Desert Wind comics for having me at their booth!11262147_762593590526916_1438392072335978803_n


Some more work from the past few weeks.


Some San Diego Comicon Pictures! Man, that con is brutal. Looking back, it was probably one of the better ones, though.


I got some really good cosplay shots of Cara at SDCC as well! Check out her page and her facebook .

Risque Lady Thor print



Cara Nicole AZ Powergirl modeled for this exclusive print as Thor, goddess of thunder. The original is sold but we have limited prints available. Get yours as they are already going quick! exclusive print lr


Also, very limited quantities of the following exclusives are still available:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Ahhahhahh ahhh ahh hooked on a feeling…Guardians of the Galaxy set for you! SIX prints for $20! Lines by me, Alfred Trujillo Artist and colors by Az Powergirl Cara Nicole×17-art-prints

Guardians Flyer

Wonder Woman Risque!

Only available until next Friday, May 30th! Wonder Woman risque print! Limited to 25 copies and numbered, this print will go quick! The original sold before I was even done drawing it. Check it out at my store and don’t forget to get hand coloring by Az Powergirl Cara Nicole:×17-wonder-woman-risque-exclusive-art-print-by-alfred-trujillo

WW Risque Print lr

Gotham City Sirens Prints!

NEW PRINTS ARE UP!! Gotham City Sirens. This is a $20 bundle pack and includes a FREE Batman. Line Art: Me  / Colors: Az Powergirl Cara Nicole

Link to the prints×17-art-prints — with Cara Nicole and Alfred Trujillo.

Also, table L7 at C2E2 in Chicago this weekend.

Limited Edition Slave Leia risque print

Had some crazy demand to make this an exclusive print. So, same deal as before. I’ll have this available at my online store until Next Friday (April 18th 2014). You can have Az Powergirl Cara Nicole add colors to it for $30 EXTRA to her paypal ( Let me know if you have any questions or comments! We will have the print at the next upcoming shows as well if it doesn’t sell out.

Leia Risque Print

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